2020 Conrad Weiser Duals 2nd Place team

Tulpehocken tournament

Team 1st

Conrad Weiser DUals

Team 3rd

Elco Invitational

Team 3rd

PJW State qualifiers

4 qualifiers

season tournaments

39 champions

29 runner ups

22 Thirds

24 fourths

MAWA Regional qualifiers

4 qualifiers

mawa regional champions

2 : 1st place champions

mawa national qualifiers

2 qualifiers

mawa national champions

1 : 8th Place champion


  • The Tulpehocken Wrestling Club is dedicated to the academic and athletic development of the Tulpehocken Area youth.  We offer a comprehensive and strategic training program that inspires our member athletes the ability to achieve exceptional results through hard work and dedication.

  • Our organization provides elite coaching and mentoring as well as continued growth, opportunity and development to our athletes.  We provide a challenging and positive environment, with the primary goal of cultivating champion wrestlers. 

  • We strive to serve as an athletic and educational organization that focuses on the sport of wrestling, which includes promoting the disciplines of hard work, leadership, and overall character development.

Tulpehocken Wrestling Program

2019 Season